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Peugeot 308 Limousine

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  • Transmission, 5 Doors

Comfortable and stylish, the best family hatch in Peugeot class with large holiday friendly boot.

Luminous, inviting and comfortable the 308 holds sway as a definitive winner. Innovation and dynamism are its bywords. Ease of mobility, optimal comfort for all your journeys and maximum safety. It has ultra small steering wheel and you can see instruments over it, not through it. Also, there are all kind of extra features inside. It is great in city traffic and when trying to navigate in a narrow parking space. There are numerous storage places inside like small cubbyholes, there are large bins in the doors and also under the front seats. When it comes to driving, its small sporty steering wheel allows car to smoothly drift through bends. So, if you want to enjoy and experience this French style and design you should hire this car yourself.