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Opel Meriva diesel

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  • Transmission, 5 Doors

A stunning, large family car, comfortable and stylish. Whether you're looking for an attractive car in combination with real life innovations, a cool and elegant design with a distinctive line to the side of windows that brings a new kind of excitement, rent our Opel Meriva.

Driving with Opel Meriva is a ride from a height. Better look at elevated seats. Ergonomically certified AGR seats with adjustable support for thighs and adjustable lumbar support contribute to relaxed driving and long-distance travel. The first diesel with CO2 emissions below 100 g. The 1.6 CDTI's newest generation engine is the toughest and most efficient in its class, with a consumption of just 3.8 l / 100 km. There are very clever headlights. The Adaptive Headlamps (AFLs) adjust the direction and the strength of the headlamp beam depending on the driving speed and steering torque.